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Standard Listing:one time fee
  • $20 USD one time fee
  • See Example of Standard Listing
  • One uncropped image 320 wide
  • Artist name (location optional)
  • Link to artist website
  • Image changes $10 suggested donation


Premium Listing:
  • $100 USD one time fee
  • See Example of Premium Listing
  • Premium artist listings – Your portfolio page will appear on Premium artist listings and all category pages your website and artwork truly represents
  • Image slider of 8 images, cropped to 760 w x 500 h
  • Artist name (location optional)
  • Link to artist website
  • Social media links optional
  • Artist biography/ artist statement/ text within reason of artist’s choice
  • The same 8 images, uncropped, max 650 width or height
  • Title of artwork, medium, dimensions below each image
  • Image changes $30 suggested donation
All Standard and Premium Listings get:
  • Sort by medium category pages – Your image cropped 320×240 will represent you across all category pages your website and artwork truly represents, not functionally possible to have different cover images for different category pages.
  • Sort by medium category pages are generally chronological with the most recent members at the top. From time to time our most famous members may be moved towards the top in order to entice viewers to continue to scroll down the category page, win-win for our entire artist community
  • Online gallery page – Your cover image, name, location and website link will appear with 30 artists/page, in fixed chronological order of joining the site
  • One blog story about your artwork
  • Our social media – Your image will appear on our Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus

Once you’ve been approved, please select your Listing Level

Artist Listing Level

Paying by Credit Card?

To pay with a Credit Card instead of PayPal, you’ll still need to log into PayPal but select the CREDIT CARD feature illustrated below which you should see once you click the BUY NOW button.

Your receipt will say Paypal.

Even if you use your credit card to pay, your receipt will show PayPal as PayPal processes the credit card payments for us.

USA & Canada may also pay by check payable to Figurative Artist

Your listing will continue until you request it to be cancelled.

For snail mail, please mail to:
Figurative Artist
P. O. Box 561
Gibsons, BC, Canada V0N 1V0

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