Women Painting Women, The Expedition & Beyond

WHAT: Work by 13 artists, introduced through the Women Painting Women phenomenon of 2010, who continue to be challenged and inspired by each other

What began with the inkling of an idea has culminated in a body of work thats a testament to friendship and inspiration developed since 2009.

It was then that Sadie Valeri, Diane Feissel and Alia El-Bermani created the Women Painting Women blog to highlight the work of contemporary, realist women artists who choose female subjects for their paintings.

Robert Lange Studios of Charleston, SC was impressed with work on the blog and inspired to host Women Painting Women – A Group Invitational in the fall of 2010. Megan Lange said, “The artists chosen for this show are the ones that refuse to play it safe. Those who don’t adhere to traditional painting standards and are creating truly unique works… there is a sensitivity to the female form that perhaps only women can truly understand.

Next came a painting retreat, Women Painting Women on Expedition. The founders of the WPW blog and a couple of their peers each nominated other artists they admired to spend a week painting together in a house on Sullivans Island in South Carolina.

Now in 2012, the group comes together once again with The Expedition and Beyond at Principle Gallery to share paintings created during the retreat and since.

WHERE: Principle Gallery, 208 King Street, Alexandria, VA, 703.739.9326 info@principlegallery.com www.principlegallery.com

WHEN: Opening Friday, April 13th, 2012 from 6:30-9:00pm, Through May 15th, 2012

Alexandra Tyng Narberth, PA http://alexandratyng.com
Alia El-Bermani Cary, NC http://alia-fineart.com/
Catherine Prescott Harrisburg, PA http://prescottpaintings.com
Cindy Procious Chattanooga, TN http://www.cindyprocious.com/
Diane Feissel Philadelphia, PA http://www.dianeandjohn.com/
Linda Tracey Brandon Phoenix, AZ http://www.lindatraceybrandon.com/
Mia Bergeron Chattanooga, TN http://www.miabergeron.com/
Rachel Constantine Philadelphia, PA http://www.rachelconstantine.com/
Sadie Valeri San Francisco, CA http://www.sadievaleri.com/
Stefani TewesLaguna Beach, CA http://stefanitewes.com/
Terry Strickland- Pelham, AL http://www.terrystricklandart.com
Katherine Stone Duncan, BC http://www.katestoneart.com/
Shannon Runquist, Charleston, SC http://web.me.com/runquist

Catalog available: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/328522

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