Wanxin Zhang, monumental figurative ceramic sculpture

Wanxin Zhang, monumental figurative ceramic sculpture

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Black Head, 2009


Inauguration, 2009


Warrior With Colored face, 2009

Wanxin Zhang was born and educated in China. He graduated from the prestigious LuXun Academy of Fine Art with a focus in Sculpture. In 1992, after Wanxin Zhang established his art career as a sculptor in China, he relocated to San Francisco with his family. There, he received his Masters in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University. As a studio sculptor and educator, Zhang is a first place recipient of the Virginia A. Groot Foundation Grant in 2006, and the Joan Mitchell Grant in 2004. His sculptures have been shown in San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Santa Fe, and Miami, as well as abroad in Japan, China, and Canada. Zhang has had many solo museum exhibitions, including ones at the University of Wyoming Art Museum, Boise Art Museum in Idaho, Arizona State University Art Museum, Fresno Art Museum in California, The Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art in Michigan, Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington, and Holter Museum of Art in Montana. His works have been selected to be included in Confrontational Ceramics by Judith Schwartz, and can be found in major art magazines such as “Art News,” “Art in America,” “Sculpture,” and “American Ceramics.” Zhang has many public collections, and his private collectors are located both nationally and internationally.

Zhang currently lives and works in San Francisco. He is a senior lecturer at the Ceramics Department of California College of the Art in Oakland, California.

张萬新出生在中国长春市,1985年毕业于沈阳鲁迅美术学院雕塑系,1996年在美国获美术硕士学位, 现执教于加洲艺术学院。 从1997年起曾经任教旧金山美术大学和加州大学伯克利分校美术系。 尽管他在中国开始接受艺术教育和创作,但是他的艺术语言发展却是在美国形成的。1992年来美国之前一直从事金属雕塑创作,其中作品被北京中国美术馆永久收藏。来美后重创艺术语言而再受到行内注目,到目前张萬新作品已在美国多家美术博物馆举办各个人雕塑展,其中包括在怀俄明大学美术博物馆,亚利桑那州立大学美术博物馆,加州佛朗西诺美术博物馆,密西根州科学与美术博物馆,华盛顿州巴维尔美术博物馆,爱得荷州博尔悉美术博物馆,蒙大拿州希尔迪美术馆和佛罗里达州穆尔恩艺术中心。张萬新曾多次获奖其中包括1989年在北京中国美术馆举办的中国第七届全国美展雕塑铜牌奖,2004年获在纽约的The Joan Mitchell基金会 雕塑家奖及2006 年获在芝加哥 Virginia A, Groot 基金会雕塑一等奖,同年获美国国家基金会和Andy Warhol 基金会奖,其作品被广泛展出,发行出版和收藏。

Wanxin Zhang

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