life drawing

Life drawing, drawing from live human model, clothed or nude

Gretchen Kelly, Boudoir drawings

I came across a very lively and refreshing artists recently. Gretchen Kelly’s drawings and paintings of live models and boudoir poses are light and bright, a really fresh approach to life drawing. Share these with your life drawing groups and put some zing in your sessions! Here are some from her ongoing works of the …

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Meredith Rose, captivating nudes

I am capturing the essence of a human being in oil on linen and charcoal on paper. My paintings and drawings are always created from a live model. Expressive paint strokes, palette knife work, and even painting with fingers suggest deeper emotional intensity in my relationship with the human form. I draw and paint from …

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Fred Hatt

Fred Hatt, drawing with energy

My work is an art of movement, rhythm and feeling. For me what is important is not conceptual or iconographic content, but process and practice. Drawing from life becomes a journey of transforming perception to directly experience the undivided aspect of reality. Fred Hatt

Sue Bryan – I love to draw

Drawing, Charcoal on Arches Cold Press I love to draw. My inspiration stems from things that move me. I work primarily in charcoal, I love the hands-on approach to the medium and the warm earthy tones and textures I can achieve on natural watercolor paper. Charcoal helps me to say what I want to say. …

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