smARTist Telesummitt January 2011

smARTist Telesummitt 2011

Join Artists from 38 USA States and 16 Countries
Artists from New Zealand to New York take part in our annual smARTist Telesummit, the only professional development art-career conference-online or off.

This Online, Live, 7-Day Art Career Conference Is For You If…

* You are ready to bridge the gap between making art and making a living.
* You want your artwork in the world and are confused, or overwhelmed, about the best way to go about this.
* You toy with the idea of working as a full time artist, and aren’t sure where to start.
* You work as a full time artist and you want new ideas and more inspiration to sell your art.
* You know there are better ways to market your art, online and off, and aren’t sure which ones work best.
* You have lots of ideas, and want help focusing on where to begin and how to keep going.
* You want support and information from fellow artists who are on this path with you.

Paula writes – This interesting looking event is taking place online Jan 13-14 and 17-21. It can be listened to live or recorded on podcasts or be listened to through a boxed set of cds. It sounds very worthwhile for artists ready to make the next step towards advancing their careers commercially. If you do decided to register, please mention me as your reference. I haven’t quite decided yet if I will sign up or not but if I do, your mention will gain me Brownie points.

Not interested in this Telesummit? They have a very good free weekly newsletter too so if learning on your own is more your speed, sign up for that. I KNOW you will learn something. Ariane Goodwin is FULL of good ideas. Some are free and some, well you just have to pay for… or not…

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