Review for Bravo TV show Work of Art

Review for Bravo TV show Work of Art

June 22, 2010 | figurative painting | 1 Comment

Bravo stepped into that void — if indeed it exists — last night, offering us Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. When it comes to splattering emotions like, Work of Art is like Top Chef in an exploding kitchen: controlled chaos. To be sure, each of 14 contestants arrived labeled – for example, there was Abdi, the “figurative artist”; Nao, the “performance artist”; Jaime Lynn the “illustrator”; and Erik, who gave us a clown painting that would be shoddy even by the standards of John Wayne Gacy.

The egos roamed free: Jaclyn, a former studio assistant for the superlative hype-master Jeff Koons, said “people assume someone like me couldn’t be an artist” (why? because she’s hot-looking, one is left to assume) “and then I always surprise them with my work.” (That would be work which included a self-portrait of Jaclyn getting out of a car with a red star placed over her exposed vagina, a painting so poor that it was impossible whether she or Bravo placed the star over the private-part.) Assigned to do portraits of each other, Jaclyn has trouble rendering 60-something Judith, because she’s “a lot older than myself.” Ageism knows no artistic boundaries.
Link to whole story by Ken Tucker, but scroll down the blank top of page to find it.

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    June 24, 2010

    I saw this show advertised. I’m sort of interested in going online to see it and find out what it’s like. Thanks for the link in your other post!

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