Website templates for artists

How to decide on website templates for artists?

WordPress? Dreamweaver? Other templates? and – Free open source web site and blogging platforms that are used by millions all over the world. You may need a professional to help you design and create your site but after that, you can learn what you need to keep it updated with new images and written content.

Great WordPress themes…

…for figurative artists, photographers, visual artists of every kind

Twenty Eleven – Here’s a nice example of a figurative artist using an adaptation of the simple and elegant twenty eleven theme. Twenty eleven is a great theme to start with and with any luck, your brain will not explode! Once you master this one, you can eventually move up to more complicated themes with some confidence.

Longwave is the theme used for this site.
The feature that allows viewers to Sort by medium is called FILTERABLE PORTFOLIO.
(That took me 10 days of searching around to discover!! There you go, already 10 days ahead if this feature is what you’re after!)

Jupiter – I just put together a very nice site for my local public art gallery, launches end June 2014

Mintithemes – Smart, responsive, here’s AD Cook’s elegant example

Glisseo – portfolio website by same company as Longwave

Albedo – Albedo is a magazine-style portfolio theme for WordPress that integrates with the new Theme Customizer in WordPress 3.4. It includes slideshows, a portfolio custom post type and it’s a fully responsive design, which means it adapts to mobile devices beautifully.

24 Free & Premium Portfolio & Photo Gallery WordPress Themes

What Theme is That? This is a great tool for finding out what theme and plugins a website is using. – nice sites for artists, good design and they offer support services – WordPress for beginners

10 Steps To Create a WordPress Website – A great place to begin!


I’ve been making sites with Adobe Dreamweaver since about 1995 and it’s a fantastic tool!! Their great new feature of Fluid Grids creates responsive web design sites that work on all devices, from mobile to full screen. Dreamweaver, like any great Adobe product, is not free but is a superior program for creating html web sites. You can buy it on its own or join their Cloud service. Check out their student pricing too.

I found these responsive web design videos particularly helpful!!
Getting Started With Dreamweaver CS6 Fluid Grids
Laying Out Fluid Grids in Dreamweaver CS6

Working With Fluid Images in Dreamweaver CS6


Key Goals in a website
  • When the almighty Google says it will give more attention to web sites which are responsive and will function on platforms from mobile to full screen, we NEED TO LISTEN.
  • Search engines like WORDS so put good descriptive words in every place you can.
  • Search engines can NOT see words in images so put RELEVANT TEXT on your pages.
  • Use good descriptive PAGE names, new_paintings is better than new.
  • Use descriptive IMAGE names, painting_woman_dancing.jpg is better than 26p.jpg.
  • Your NAME and DESCRIPTIVE KEYWORDS should be varied and sprinkled throughout your site.
  • Get GOOGLE ANALYTICS and look at them at least twice a year.
  • Get SOCIAL and promote yourself!
  • Use facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest to promote yourself and connect with others in your niche.

Drop us a line if you’d like to share your ideas about website templates for artists.

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