Tanya Fletcher

Tanya Fletcher
Saco, ME, USA

Website: fletcherfigures.com
Twitter: @fletcher_tanya
Represented by: Ogunquit Art Association

Art Medium: painting
Technique: oil & metal leaf on panel

“This work combines the age-old genre of the nude with ideas about craftsmanship so old that they sneak under the radar to create a work of surprising conceptual depth. The multi-panel approach and the use of metal leaf in painting predate the Renaissance and are tied directly to religious art – unlike the nude. Dividing the body into panels plays up the object quality of the painting; and denying the face pulls the work into contemporary concerns such as the objectification of the female body. The fine craftsmanship and the reductive painting approach reach towards sculpture. Together, these qualities make for an elegant and subtly intelligent work of art.“
~ Bob Keyes & Dan Kany/art critics for the Portland Press Herald
Tanya Fletcher’s current body of work consists of life sized figures rendered in oil with metal leaf backgrounds on Baltic birch. These multiple panel pieces are reductively painted.  A monochromatic, even layer of oil color is applied and then selectively removed with a cloth. This results in a brush-free photographic-like realism.  Also, the revealed grain of the wood suggests skin and/or contours of the body endowing the forms with a three-dimensional sculptural look.  The illusion of depth & space is furthered by silhouetting the figures against a bright metal leaf background…a reverse chiaroscuro.  The artist’s theatrical use of size & composition imbues these paintings with a taut level of emotional intensity. Fletcher’s acutely observed realism & objective approach to her figures also communicates a blunt psychological honesty & drama. This visceral aesthetic, however, still maintains an ambiguity.  The nude is isolated to a neutral ground.  Curves, creases & bulk speak for themselves without distraction.

The artist earned her BFA at the Carnegie Mellon University & has studied in London & Florence.  Born in Syracuse, NY, her family moved to So. Maine when she was 6.  Tanya Fletcher currently resides in Saco, Maine.

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