Kalin Thomas


Kalin Thomas

Website: kalinthomasart.com

Art Medium: painting

Artist Statement

“These works are the result of a major restructuring of my approach to the arts and mark the beginning of a new body of work where I’m seeking to explore a contemporary value system by juxtaposing it against a more antiquated ideology and language.

The statements are largely a critique of my own thoughts and actions brought out through some narrative or imagery that I find interesting. In it’s structure it is “history painting,” but with a freedom to manipulate the content and symbols to my own purpose. The look that this creates enhances the anachronistic quality of the work and opens a dialogue with the images and feelings it recalls.

There is a delicate balance between deception and sincerity that I want to achieve. On the one hand, I hope to present the viewer with contradictions and ambiguities but, on the other, I have to care deeply about the technique, the content, and what it means, because in the end, that sincerity is what generates the illusion.

I’m very interested in composition, structure, and the arrangement of meaning. How can the elements of a picture be manipulated and how do those changes affect the whole? I find these to be difficult questions that I am constantly coming back to.”


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