Derek Overfield

Derek Overfield
Fairmont, WV, USA

Represented by: Jeffrey Meier Gallery

Art Medium: painting, mixed media

Derek Overfield is an American artist and graphic designer. His work focuses on the human figure, primarily the male figure, and explores themes of power, romanticism and mystery. His influences range from classicism to comic book art.

Derek Overfield studied painting at Fairmont State College under the guidance of Lynn Boggess, and alongside his future wife and fellow painter Lauren Adams. He gained his Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts/Graphics in 2003.

Professionally, Derek has exhibited in numerous competitions and exhibitions. He has won several prestigious awards such as the Award of Excellence at the 2011 West Virginia Juried Exhibition at the Stifel Arts Center in Wheeling, WV. His work is included in the collections of Fairmont State University and the West Virginia State Museum, as well as numerous international private collections. His work can currently be seen at the Jeffrey Meier Gallery in Lambertville, NJ.

Derek Overfield’s work is influenced by the classically monumental, the romantically archaic and modern, the divine and quietly brutal. Through paint and line he seeks to capture the light of existence, that “gleaming fire”, as well as its gravity. He strives to celebrate the figure’s mysterious power and charisma, and, like a purging fire, to burn away the unnecessary exposing the purity beneath.

Derek’s recent work involves a sgraffito technique of scraping away a wet layer of latex paint, creating line from the base beneath. He then applies washes of paint that are lifted away to create form.

“…and around his head the fair goddess set thick a golden cloud, and forth from the man made blaze a gleaming fire… there he stood and shouted… and when they heard the brazen voice of the son of Aeacus the hearts of all were dismayed.” – Homer, The Iliad

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