Art Medium: sculpture
Technique: Figurative Clay Modeling & Wax

In all of my work, the grace and symmetry of traditional figures ignites an inexplicable alchemy of sensuality and sentiment—sometimes distorted by our demons, sometimes an enchantment of all that’s pure in our souls.

With an artistic heritage rooted in traditions of antiquity and classical realism, my Rethink series challenges the conservative values leading us into landmines of discrimination and injustice, while the Spirit series expands the classical figure by exposing the internal landscape of self.

The Spirits series are two separate, but conceptually connected collections: Angels and Phantoms, both involved with a renewed relationship to the human form where I’m exploring the coherency of how our physical and spiritual bodies interact with the material world.

The Angels collection uses a materializing, multi-layered external surface as evidence of the defensive layers and walls we create to protect ourselves within the physical world.

The Phantom series insists that we look inside and open up a conscious flow between our external bodies and the internal landscape of Soul and Self.

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