27 – Nude art and clothed figures

Nude art and clothed figures are just some of the ways figurative artists deliver in their artwork. With  a great foundation in life drawing, fine art nudes are lovingly, dramatically brought to life by Richard Harper, Aleah Chapin, Rosanna Lyon, Corinne Vallière, Kathy Venter, Piotr Antonow, Leszek Piotrowski aka “Lesstro”, Audrey Smith, Julia Levitina, Patrick Earl Hammie. Other prefer their people dressed and even costumed like Lura Schwarz Smith, Amy Pleasant and Lorraine Calaora. Click to visit their own web sites with lots on offer.

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“Picasso was one of that genius caste which includes Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Van Gogh and above all Velázquez.” Francis Bacon


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