Panel Discussion July 29, Salmagundi Club, Manhatten

Steven Assael3
Please join us for  the Panel Discussion  and Reception for the show. This will take place on  Thursday, July 29th. The discussion will begin at 7:00pm with  the reception to follow at 8:30pm.
“HARD  TIMES- An Artist’s View”
July 29-August 18,  2010

The  eye of an artist has a keen lens on the health and role of the  economy. How well the money is flowing affects how they and  all of us alike live, work, and plan for the future.” The  Salmagundi Club is honored to present “HARD TIMES – An  Artist’s View,” which since its conception earlier this year  has uncovered a simmering pot of the results of economic  dislocation illuminated best, and only, through an artist’s  brush.

The concept: Ask artists to paint instant history, to  reach into their souls and put onto canvas their expression of  the toughest economic times since the Great Depression. The result: A compilation of over 30 stunningly realistic pieces,  many of which were painted specifically for this show, from a  broad range of artists both near and far. Their commonality: A  refreshingly intense desire to express their concerns,  opinions, and view of what it means to be living in . . . HARD  TIMES.

HARD TIMES opened on November 21, 2009 at the Thomas  Kearns McCarthey Gallery in Park City, Utah. After concluding  its run in Park City on December 15, 2009, the exhibition  traveled to The Springville Museum of  Artand will remain there until July when  it will move to New York City to be on exhibit at the  Salmagundi Club.

Participating artists will include Steven  Assael , Garin Baker, Warren Chang,  Harvey Dinnerstein, Marvin Franklin, Tim Gaydos,  Max  Ginsburg, James Harrington, Jeffrey  Hein, David Jon Kassan, Mary  Beth Mckenzie, Denis Peterson, Mario  Robinson, Robert Semans, Burton  Silverman, and Costa Vavagiakis . The show is curated by  Traci M.  Fieldsted.

The Salmagundi Club,  located at 47 Fifth avenue in Manhattan, is proud to present  the “Hard Times – An Artist’s View” exhibtion. In conjunction  with this historical exhibit, the Club will host a number of unique educational opportunities and events.

Please join us for  the Panel Discussion  and Reception for the show. This will take place on  Thursday, July 29th. The discussion will begin at 7:00pm with  the reception to follow at 8:30pm. The Panel Discussion will  include:

Fred  Ross, founder of the Art Renewal  Center <> .  ARC is a visual arts organization which advocates the  rejection of Modernism and the current art establishment, in  favor of what it defines as the previously established  ”standards of craftsmanship and excellence”.

Vern G.  Swanson Ph.D, Museum director and host of the  “Hard Times” Exhibition at the Springville Museum of Art.  He is a noted author, lecturer, and art historian.

Peter  Trippi, Editor of Fine  Art Connoisseur <>  and former director of the  Dahesh Museum.

Harvey  Dinnerstein <> , award winning figurative  artist, author, and noted educator at the Art Students  League.

Burton  Silverman <> , world-renowned,  illustrator, painter, author, and teacher.

The “Hard Times” Workshops  and Demonstrations:
Portrait  Workshop in Oil Paint by Max Ginsburg, Saturday, July  31st, and Sunday, August 1st, from 9am-4pm. $400, $375 for  Salmagundi members. Max  Ginsburg <>  is a noted realist illustrator and painter.

Portrait  Demonstration in Oil Paint by Garin Baker, Wednesday,  August 4th, at 7:00 pm. Garin Baker <> is a lauded painter and  muralist.

5-day  Portrait Workshop by Mario Andres Robinson, Monday,  August 9th, through Friday, August 13th, from 9:30am-4:30pm.  $400, $375 for Salmagundi members. Mario Andres Robinson   <> is a noted  portrait painter in watercolor and pastel.

Portrait  Demonstration by David Kassan, Saturday, August 14th,  at 1:00pm David  Kassan <> is  a well respected realist painter and award-winning member of  the Salmagundi Club. David will conduct his demonstration  either in oil or as a drawing.

2-Evening  Oil Painting Portrait Demonstration by Steven Assael,  Tuesday, August 17th, and Wednesday, August 18th, at 7:00 pm.  Steven Assael   <> is a  painter and educator, and he is recognized as one of the  leading representational figurative artists of his  generation.

Salmagundi Club – 47 Fifth  Avenue New York, NY 10003
Monday – Friday 1:00 – 6:00 PM  Weekends 1:00-5:00 PM
Contact: Kathleen Arffmann, Chris  Nunnally
(212) 255-7740
The  Salmagundi Club, a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization, is  dedicated primarily to the exhibition of fine art created by  living American artists and to nurturing a friendly atmosphere  conducive to learning about art with classes in drawing and  painting, discussions about art materials and techniques, and  a host of social activities. All exhibitions and most events  are open to the public.

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