How To Pack Paintings for International Shipping, Ric Nagualero

How To Pack Paintings for International Shipping, Ric Nagualero

6 minutes of humorous but very informative video tutorial, Ric handles his artwork with respect and does not forget to add his Certificate of Authenticity and I like the way he turns up tabs to tape ends for easy removal, way to go Tapeman!! Love the zany music and sound effects!

When reviewing shipping strategies, my only comments on his technique are two. Other art experts advise leaving 2″ between canvas edge and Styrofoam border while he leaves them as an equal sandwich. Other artwork experts advise wrapping the painting and Styrofoam (or double layers of bubble wrap) package in a waterproof sealed layer.

Lots of good advice served up with a spoonful of humor.

Thank you Ric Nagualero for allowing us to use your video.


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    June 5, 2016

    It’s a good thing for all of that hardboard and foam…because the first thing that is going to happen to that little vault is a razorbladed box knife through through all of that f’ing tape. While I agree it is wise to take great care to ship your artwork properly, packing your work thoughtfully -with instructions for repackaging( if it does not sell),- is far more courteous to your gallery or patron than all of that darn tape! I wonder how many people swear up a storm when opening that….a good fine art handling company can also advise smart shipping and handling practices….

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      Paula O'Brien

      June 5, 2016

      Thanks for your comment jpage. Thank you Ric Nagualero for sharing your years of experience with us too. The main thing is that the artwork arrive undamaged and safe and ready to hang and be loved.

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