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Share our new widget

October 31, 2013 | figurative painting | No Comments

Do  you enjoy our fine web site? Would you like to help promote it? If you have a blog, you can create a nice widget like this one and put it on your own blog sidebar., International Figurative Artist Directory & Resource

Paste code below into TEXT widget. Thanks for sharing!

If your site is html, you could just feature the image with our link.

A text link would be swell too. Here’s an example of one:
Dynamic directory of international figurative artists & artwork with a focus on the human form. Juried & curated with over 1000 fine artists capturing the likeness in painting, sculpture, mixed media, ceramics, textiles and more.

We’d be happy to join your other juicy & inspiring fine art sites on your blogroll too.

Thanks so much for sharing! It helps us get out into the world.

Cheers from currently foggy British Columbia….
xxx Paula


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