New wine label, art by Kreg Yingst

b-Kreg Yingst

We bottled our latest batch of home made wine with our usual crew of four couples last September. We start with real freshly squashed grapes, press them and age the wine in an oak barrel in a friend’s garage so it’s the real deal and usually turns out pretty darned well. This year I decided to make a new label for our personal supply of about 72 bottles. Kreg Yingst has a great site of quirky woodcuts and other styles and is featured on our figurative artist site. His image above of the man with plates spinning on sticks sums up my own life and even has his own name in red already included within this print. My graphic designer sister-in-law Rowan helped me tweak my design balance with the lettering and spacing and I’m quite pleased with this amusing new label for our latest batch of Cabernet Merlot. When I first saw Kreg’s work, it was these quirky woodcut style that really attracted me and I knew I’d use this one for something. Thanks Kreg! Thanks Rowan! Thanks fellow wine makers! Happy New Year to all!

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