Manel Anoro, colorful nudes & brushy figures

Manel Anoro, colorful nudes & brushy figures

July 1, 2015 | figurative painting | No Comments


“I am a storyteller. What I wanted and still want is to speak – to paint- about everything I’d never talked about. That which I like and love. Discovering the light that turns on things and desires. In my paintings I need to explain my trips to Morocco, the blinding brightness of Minorca, watermelons, naked women and bars from La Habana, the colors of Senegal, the beauty of Girona… I know this is not the whole world, but neither am I the only prophet.


Now that I’ve discovered the taste of this journey I believe I’m going to continue. Through my paintings…”

Luscious colors and brushy figurative nudes.

Manel Anoro

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