Lori Rita

Lori Rita

Philadelphia & Palm Beach, USA


Art Medium: painting, portraits

I am a contemporary figurative painter. My work is a journey to record a moment caught in time. I begin with an idea and let the painting evolve, having no deadline. My inspiration is from real life and the people I meet. I work from photographs I have taken, not interested in creating a photo-likeness but rather choosing to push myself to create art that goes beyond the apparent image. I work in oil, pastel, charcoal, and pencil.

My artwork is a product of my life experiences. Painting is a constant learning process and always a challenge. Some of my influences include Gauguin, Rothko, Munch, Uglow, Degas, Diebenkorn, Avery, Morandi and the artists of the Bay Area Figurative Movement. My paintings are filled with symbolism, with a language that I hope will inspire the viewer.

Lori-Rita-woman-flowers-portrait, figurative self portrait painting, colorful woman with flowers

Peonies, Self portrait
Oil on canvas 20 x 24
.Lori-Rita-036a, figurative self portrait painting, colorful woman with flowers
Fireflies, self portrait
Oil on board 24 x 36

Lori-Rita-selfportrait-a, figurative self portrait painting,

Self portrait

Oil on linen canvas 20 x 24

Lori-Rita-026a, figurative portrait woman with hat and glasses

Oil on board 18 x 24


Oil on linen board 18 x 20

Skull Message
Oil on board 20 x 24

Lori-Rita-025a, figurative self portrait painting, colorful woman with flowers, yellow kimono

Home, Self portrait
Oil on board 16 x 20