Looking into getting some search elements to the site

Miriam Slater

I’d really like to get some search elements into the site so that a viewer can search perhaps by name, medium, location. Does anyone out there have any expertise in this side of things? I’m starting to look around and would love to make a nice connection to build some kind of search database aspect that could be added to a WordPress.org template that I could use for the figurative artist site and also my Sunshine Coast artist site. Maybe we could all pay a small sum towards this end programing cost as it would be a huge added ease of navigation, functionality and interest to the sites. Certainly something to think about. I always had this feature in mind but have been just doggedly marching on building it and getting it to this point but I’m ready to look a bit further forward now. I’m all ears if you’re an expert in this, so drop me a line anytime.
Image by Miriam Slater

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