Leszek Piotrowski (LESSTRO) – glorious nudes on red drapery


Leszek Piotrowski (LESSTRO)

“Alma creative and professional. Artistic genius. Figurative realist painter creates female figures full of deep tension, illusion, escape. With great mastery of colors the artist paints on canvas startling figures that glow like pure light. Lesstros artworks show perfect balance of refined, lyrical atmosphere and the ideal artistic language. His paintings arouse great admiration.”
Prof. Mario Nicosia, DFG Roma


Leszek Piotrowski Lesstro born 19th December 1984 in Gdynia, Poland.

Graduated from European Academy of Arts in Warsaw in 2009.

Lesstro is dealing with figurative painting. Female nudes play dominative role among his artworks, but there are also portraits, landscapes and drawings.


He feels best by creating big and very big scale paintings. By watching his paintings we find universality and vitality of great art. Dash, block intuition, rich color palette and first of all chiaroscuro characterize his works. Paintings and drawings associate with the climate of old masters. However, it does not result from blind imitation or deliberate artistic intention but it is a sign of an unusual artistic instinct of this very young painter, who has just started his professional career.
Leszek Piotrowski (LESSTRO)

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