Leni Levenson Wiener – figurative art textiles

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As a former photographer, I still see the world through the lens of a camera. I think of my artistic style as photo-journalistic in nature. My pieces begin with a photograph that, more often than not, is taken without the subject being aware of the camera. I am careful to alter each persons appearance to protect the privacy of those whose photos I use.


Beginning with a photo gives me all the information I needperspective, proportion, shadowbut alterations are made to each photo to fit the mood and finished look I envision. I carefully choose from only commercially available fabric, taking into consideration color, value, and print scale, in order to create a dynamic and complex surface design. The edges of the fabric are left raw, and puckers are allowed to remain, as they are the inherent qualities of fabric. Detail work is often done with either thread sketching or thread paintingusing the sewing machine to draw with thread. I share my techniques in my two books; Thread Painting and Photo-inspired Art Quilts.
Leni Levenson Wiener
Please visit my website www.leniwiener.com for information about my work, my books, and the workshops and lectures I offer.

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