Lauren Amalia Redding, figurative metalpoint, silverpoint


Within my art practice, I draw upon two primary influences: my mothers Cuban family and their cultural and personal legacies, and the meticulous draftsmanship that constitutes my technical fulcrum. I primarily work in the anachronistic medium of silverpoint, drawing with a piece of silver or gold in a stylus to create delicate works that require focus, have no room for error, and possess a tangible yet fleeting quality evocative of memory and narrative.


Line and shadow are woven so that, from their neat labyrinth, the sentiment and psyche of my subject emerges more truthfully.


I want to ensure that the faces of my Cuban family are recorded so that their history can be remembered: though despondent, they emerged victorious, and I wish to pay homage to their journey and inherent beauty.
Lauren Amalia Redding

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