Jaber Lutfi is in the figurative artist slide show

Jaber Lutfi256

Hi Paula,
I prefer to be part of the slideshow (Who wouldn’t). My problem is photoshop. I do not have access temporarely. If you have time, could you please use the images you allready have and process them to fit the size you need. If you do not have the time, it is OK. I will cry only for five hours, get drunk and make it the painfull subjuct of my next sad, sad, exhibition.
Jaber Lutfi

Let me pass you the hankies, sniff sniff. What a sad tale of woe but all is not yet lost. I have been able to salvage some tiny scrap of goodness from the few meager files I have on and from you and you will be pleased to hear, once you awake from your sad drunken stupor, to find that I have an image for you! The saints be praised!

Thanks for your great sense of humor and you are the just kind of guy we’d like to have at our table anytime. Just back from 3 computer-free days on the boat, ahhhhhh….

Paula O’Brien

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