Info about our figurative artists


Here’s how our members break down after a year and a half including Bob Doucette, above who just joined today:
592 figurative artists with great work and great sites are already up on the site.
68 have accepted but I still need more info.
15 are still considering it.


Of these 697, 333 are female, 345 are male like above Franco Castelluccio and about 8, I’m not quite sure.
About 6 couples have both husband and wife as listed artists.
11 declined my invitation.

Of the 80 who submitted to the site, 23 were rejected for not enough figurative work, poor site or just not a strong enough personal vision.

The countries we come from including new member Nikoo Tarkhani from Tehran, Iran:
2 Argentina
5 Australia
1 Austria
1 Azerbaijan
3 Belgium
136 Canada
1 Chile
1 China
1 Colombia
1 El Salvador
1 Finland
22 France
4 Germany
1 Iceland
1 India
1 Iran
3 Israel
3 Italy
3 Japan
11 Mexico
1 Monaco
3 Netherlands
2 New Zealand
1 Poland
1 Romania
1 Russia
1 Slovenia
6 Spain
1 Slovenia
1 South Africa
1 Sweden
1 Taiwan
42 United Kingdom, including 13 England, 1 Northern Ireland and 6 Scotland
2 Ukraine
386 USA
105 I’m still waiting for this country info

Sue Rubira

Our blog has had 9,877 visits with more than half coming from referring sites, and our site has had 34,508 visits with about 3 pages per visit. In the last 2 months, our site has averaged about 90 visits per day. Image above by UK painter Sue Rubira.

Onwards and upwards and thanks for helping create a fascinating neighborhood of artists and art enthusiasts! Have a grand summer and keep cool.

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