Gordana Curgus, my new research assistant

Gordana Curgus
Gordana Curgus has happily volunteered to be my new research assistant, fan-frigging-tastic! I emailed her a spreadsheet and 4 scanned pages from my famous little black notebook with about 170 new names to look up for new great artists for the figurative artist site. I was hoping that she wouldn’t say “Are you kidding??? I didn’t think it would be that many” but no, she was very excited to become part of the team. We’ll be ticking away at these and more over the next few months and hope to add a new bunch to the growing fleet in a few months.

We’ve had 6 new artists join with interesting work and great sites. We’ll be adding ARINA, Dan McCormack, Graeme Balchin, Jonathon Matthews, Steven Daluz, Sandhi Schimmel Gold and Jose Luis Serzo when we can get to it so watch for some super stuff.
Aug 11, 2010

2 thoughts on “Gordana Curgus, my new research assistant”

  1. Hi Paula,
    Im honored to be part of your team tackling this project. It is sooo fun to cruse internet, this time I have good excuse for it, and little black note book as a guide”. Even though I have just started, Im already amazed by variety of approaches in depicting human form. It is fun break from painting and working hard to assure that Im ready for the annual Whatcom Artists Studio Tour event. The first two weekends of October, (it seems so far away, but time has its way of tricking me to procrastinate) some of Whatcom County’s finest artists will open their studios to the public. The rumor goes through Bellingham that Whatcom County has the second highest number of artist per capita in US, with Santa Fe in the first place. True or not, we are nicely situated between two big cities, North of Seattle, and South of Vancouver Canada and we do have very live art community, although little bit less rain and more sun per year would be nice to 🙂
    Until next time, keep creating my fellow artists..

  2. Isn’t that interesting that Whatcom County has that very high rate of artists as where I live, BC’s Sunshine Coast also has an above average ratio. That’s in fact why I came to create my other network site http://www.sunshinecoastartists.org/ for my local region, to help local artists be more searchable.

    Many artist sites are mainly done in flash which possibly means there is actually very little text on their site that can be searched. One of the main functions of my sites is to lay all those good search words out on the page like the techniques list and artists full names.

    I’m thinking that putting City, State and/or country(with permission) below each artist’s name would also make the site even more searchable and only one tiny line of info more cluttered per row on the page.
    Thanks Gordana.

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