Figurative artists on Pinterest


Did you know we have a wonderful Pinterest page dedicated to figurative art? With Boards for abstract figurative painting, fine art nudes, portraits, sculpture and more. We’re adding more to this page as we grow and have time to spend on it and believe me, some people seem to have WAY too much time to spend on it with gazillions of pins!! Follow us and see what we’re up to.

I’m finding Pinterest a wonderful place to follow Boards that really interest me. It’s like building your own store of visual delights. Just follow some and you’ll see wonderful things tumble into your instream. Pinterest suggests some boards for you to follow and these are worth checking out because they are usually totally spot on! I follow figurative artists specifically with the figurative Pinterest and with my own PaulaArtist Pinterest page, I follow a broader area of interest that includes circus, corsets and plein air painting. I started last September. Sometimes I put some otherwise non-productive waiting time to good use for adding to Pinterest, as long as I have wifi, of course.

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