Figurative celebrates one year birthday!

Lawrence Paul

Hooray! is now officially one year old!!! On March 16, 2010, I sent out over 300 email invitations to join this exciting free online directory of figurative artists working in every medium. I had a very enthusiastic response and have been busily growing our great site ever since.

Peter Clark, above, was the first to say yes. I had started with a small number of special invitations to have a web page to attract these artists to but Peter was the first responder to this first big mail out.

We launched our first Youtube slideshow in August and there are plans for future themed slide shows on female nude, male nude, emotional range and political and social issues interpreted by these fine artists and fine craftsmen interested in the human form.

Sigmund Abeles

Alphabetically, we range from Sigmund Abeles

Israel Zzepda256

… to Israel Zzepda. Geographically, we come from from Argentina and Azerbaijan to Ukraine, UK and USA.

Alastair Heseltine, figurative sculpture, basketry

We work in clay, bronze, paint, photography, textiles and even basketry seen here by Alastair Heseltine.


Victoria Rose Martin charms us with her quirky ceramics…

Ingrid Magidson
… and Ingrid Dee Magidson dazzles us with her costume dramas.

Our numbers are split practically evenly between male and female artists.

In our first year, out site has had 22,278 visits with averages of nearly 3 pages and 4 minutes, from 128 countries.

42% came from search engines, 31% from referring sites (THANKS!!!) and 22% from direct traffic. This blog has had 6,411 visits and our Youtube slide show is up around 2,100.

As of this morning, we have almost 500 figurative artists who have either accepted my invitation or submitted to this free site. I’m working on new pages to show off their work and am looking into having a searchable format or section so artists could be searched by medium, location, etc. When we get to our 500th, I will celebrate with a big tray of brownies and will let you know who it turns out to be… Thanks to our team of helpers Jana, Ann-Marie, Sarah Emily and Gordana.

Come and visit, come and join us, come and be inspired by beautiful to grotesque, precise to loose, humorous to serious, dazzling fine art with a focus on the human form.

Yours in the trench,
Paula O’Brien
Mar 16, 2011

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