Figurative art slide show update

Edward Walton Wilcox

I’m hard at work sizing and labeling images for the upcoming figurative artist slide show. Edward Walton Wilcox is one I picked up at the Las Vegas Licensing Show. I have 117 images done and another 40 odd to finalize and size. I’m sure there will still be a few more to come in, too. I’m also auditioning music and getting permission from musicians to use their music for a smooth background sound. It will still be a few weeks away as I plan to redo the home page of the figurative artist web site so that it will be more social media savvy, and I need to update my own home page and navigation to put on my best face when visitors come calling. I’ve learned so much in the last 6 weeks or so that I need do go back and do some tweaking.
Just back from 3 lovely computer-free days on the boat, quite nice after working very hard cracking WordPress css code last week. I’m proud to boast I have made my first 2 tweets too! Hilarious! PaulaArtist is the name I’m using. I picked up a few new artists on Bowen Island today too. My gosh, artists with a love of the human form are plentiful when you have your eyes keenly open for them. Great stuff!

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