Chris Woods Sandstorm Project, appeal for funding

Hey Folks,
I am very happy to announce my upcoming project: ‘Chris Woods: SANDSTORM’.

SANDSTORM is slated for exhibition at The Reach Gallery Museum, in Abbotsford BC, in the summer of 2013

SANDSTORM will be a dramatic new direction for my work. I have decided to tackle the most important series of movies in the history of popular culture: The Original Star Wars Trilogy.

By assuming the perspective of famous villain, Darth Vader, I intend to create fourteen epic-scale oil-paintings that examine the darker side of the world’s most popular adventure-saga.

I have just launched a ‘crowdsource’ fundraising campaign in support of SANDSTORM on The economy has hit artists hard and we are all searching for ways to keep working.

Please got to: for details on the project and how you can help! There you can watch a video and browse a gallery of preliminary images outlining the project.

In return for your support I am offering a plethora of gift incentives. Yes a PLETHORA! You will have to go to my indiegogo profile for details but, believe me, you will not be disappointed.

If you are unable to donate, please leave an encouraging comment on my profile AND share this project via Twitter, Facebook or your social media of choice. Lots of comments and ‘shares’ will help to judge if my project is worthy of being upgraded and ‘featured’ on their homepage! That could put my project in front of THOUSANDS of eyes.

If you ARE able to donate, please do so early. As with ‘comments and shares’, the faster that funds are raised the better chance I stand at being ‘featured’ and that’s when the tiny snowball morphs into a mighty Snow-Man of success!

I am SUPER excited about this upcoming exhibition and I know that, with your help, it is going to be a smash success for The Reach Gallery Museum and for myself.

The combined support of all my supporters over the years has meant the world to me and it has allowed me to keep doing my thing. They are certifiable saints every last one. I will keep them a;; informed over the next 45 days with news and updates as well as drawings and various other preliminary work-in-progress.

Please also go to the links below to subscribe to my twitter feed and ‘like’ my Facebook artist’s page. This is a big one folks and I need your help in getting over the top.
Fondest Regards to you all,
Chris Woods

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