Catherine Prescott joins figurative artist network site


Hi, Paula,
Tim Lowly is a good friend of mine and I was one of 25 artists who were asked by him to collaborate on a painting for his current show in Chicago. Thank you for looking me up. I know quite a few people who are on your website and would like to be included. I like the idea of a “visual neighborhood.” There are also some artists on your site with whom I have exhibited but never met. I was in a group show in NYC a couple of years ago with Lani Irwin, for example.

I am also affiliated with Women Painting Women since Alia El Bermani invited me to be on their blog several months ago. Twelve of us are going to spend a WPW week painting together at a beach house near Charleston S.C. and I am included in the show at the Robert Lange Studios that you wrote about on your blog. I just won the Salamagundi Club award at the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Competition taking place at the National Art Club in NYC. I mention these recent things which are not yet on my website in case you want to include my work on your blog.

The painting I am sending you is called “Legacy: Portrait of Val”, 72 x 48″, 2010, which is currently in the “Inspiring Figures” show at the Butler Institute of American Art. It’s an excellent exhibition which includes historical artists from the permanent collection (e.g. Mary Cassatt and Celia Beaux) with a lovely catalog. The show was organized by the Portrait Society of America and the Butler. I would hate to see this painting cropped so if you feel you have to, perhaps it would be better to pick a different image. Go ahead and pick a second image yourself since I don’t know what you think suits your site. I have a few still lifes and drawings on there but my work is primarily figure paintings and portraits.

Congratulations on your project. I will be checking in from time to time. Please let me know when my images are up or if I am on your blog.

Thank you and best wishes,
Catherine Prescott (Catherine will be added to the figurative artist website when it’s next updated)

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