Blogging For Dummies, WordPress for Dummies

Michael Costello
Is that a painting by Michael Costello or a picture of Paula’s head about to explode??? I’m not too sure as I’ve spent the last 2 weeks devouring these two books, Blogging For Dummies and WordPress for Dummies and my head feels like it’s expanding!!! So much to learn and so fun. The whole push for learning about social media right now is extreemly enabling for the little guy and gal. It takes effort to learn and effort to drive the car but once it’s rolling, it sure could open many new doors for the driver.

In June, I’m going to 2 one day workshops in Vancouver. One on WordPress and one on ACT, by Sage. ACT is the CRM database I use that lets me keep track of all you figurative artists on the site. Without it, my head would definitely explode. In fact, I’m mentoring a small handful of artists in my area in ACT so that they can eventually maybe help me but also be able to get ahead with keeping their own contacts in order.

A contact realtionship management (CRM) database lets you keep track of potential or real clients, who bought what, what you chatted about at the last gallery opening, lets you send big mail merges and keep all your emails carefully attached to each contact. Basically, anything you want to keep track of. It’s so easy to customize to exactly how you want it to look and act too. Honestly, I don’t get paid by them but if I could learn it from scratch years ago, you could learn it today. It’s SO MUCH easier today than it was 10 years ago to learn things with all the great online instructional videos, too. Holy cow. Thank you, YouTube!

If you would like to have some ideas about how to start to get your art affairs and the office side of your art life in order, leave some comments, questions, suggestions, and let’s see if we can kick start a conversation about getting artist organized. Sometimes getting artists organized is like herding worms, a slippery task but if you see the point of it, you might be motivated to give it a whirl.
May 25, 2010

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