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Copley on Cape Cod

May 20, 2010

Members of the Copley Society of Art in Boston were invited to submit work for Copley on Cape Cod. The jury selected my painting “Shell Seekers” which will be on view at the Cape Cod Arts Festival, opening June 26, 2010 in Barnstable, MA. For more info visit the Cape Cod Art Association.

Tricia Cline

Michael Abraham exhibition, Vancouver

May 15, 2010

Opening Night: Thursday, May 13th, 2010, 6 -9pm. All are welcome! On display from May 6th to 29th, 2010. Gallery hours: Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 6pm Saturday: noon – 5pm (and by appointment) I was lucky enough to have made the small trek in from the Sunshine Coast to be at this …

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Javier Marin sculpture vandalized in Vancouver

May 8, 2010

Sadly, a Javier Marin sculpture in Vancouver has been senselessly vandalized recently. Shame on those thimblebrains! The artwork was the Cabeza Vainilla, Cordoba and Chiapas by Mexican figurative artist Javier Marin. Three large stylized human heads made of tough polyresin in various juxtapositions made up the installation, located under the Canada Line just north of …

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Edible crayons??? Yup.

May 4, 2010

Amazing photos of edible crayons and fascinating ingredients lists for crayons made from a huge variety of things like goji berries, be pollen, corn, blueberries, even prunes!! Very classy site. Let me know if you create your next masterpiece from them.

Kseniya Simonova wins "Ukraine’s Got Talent" with sand table performance art

May 4, 2010

Kseniya Simonova, a young Ukrainian artist tells an entire story by pushing around sand on a table. She uses nothing but sand and her hands to create these images. She won the September 2009 “Ukraine’s Got Talent” competition. She uses a giant light box, dramatic music, imagination and just her fingers.

Do artists need their own websites?

March 26, 2010

This has been an interesting learning experience researching all these artists. Here are some reflections from someone who hunted hard for artists by their names. The best result was when their name popped up in the domain name like or If you want to buy a domain name, this kind of thing is …

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Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon

March 21, 2010

The estate of Francis Bacon has sent an image for the site- very exciting!!

Lucia Horakova, wet paintings straight off the easel

July 31, 2000

These pieces complete my first collection GOLDEN AGE, inspired by composition of Woodkid. Two paintings from collection GOLDEN AGE – “La ltima noche” and “Calcite wall” enclose this collection. They tell about child’s naturalness, enjoyment, freedom, taking in one moment simple step, that will make them happy. These simple things die away when child is …

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