Belgin Yucelen


Belgin Yucelen
Boulder, CO, USA


Art Genre: Sculpture, printmaking, film, installation

The decision to work across various genres from printmaking and sculpture tofilm and installation is a deliberate choice for me: I am inspired byquestions of who we are and where we are going as individuals and ashumankind so together we can achieve basic human wisdom. In my search foranswers, I refer to history, anthropology, theology, linguistics,philosophy, and other fields of study. Whether the artwork will be asculpture, a print or an installation depends on the fine balance betweenthe knowledge I attain on the subject matter and the genre that will presentit in the best way. While doing all this I attempt to challengeimaginations by creating a fictional world beyond the existing to conjureunrealized possibilities.

Art is better viewed in simple, clean and elegant environments like museums. Figurative Artist provides such an environment. I am honored to be a part ofit.