Barbara Harrison recommends iPage websites good for artists


I do want to mention that I really recommend iPage for artists to build their own website. It is a drag-and-drop program (the Weebly program)–meaning you can download your artwork onto the site yourself — meaning you can keep it updated. They have a great, friendly, knowledgeable support staff who seem to be located in this country.

Thanks for all you do; I really appreciate it and really enjoy seeing all the figurative art out there!

Barbara Harrison

Paula comments that the iPage program may be good for very visual sites but notes that Barbara’s site does not have much or perhaps any text on it. Explore iPage and WordPress and all the rest and see what fits your needs best. Whatever you pick, make some updates and changes at least once a year. I hear from some artists that they have not updated their site in 3-5 years… which is not good if current work is actually being created. Good luck all and keep up the good work!


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