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Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

There is no need to make a zip file or send images via Dropbox. Simply send us images a few at a time BY EMAIL OR let us pick our own.

Keep in mind that visitors might only give your image a two second look before they decide to click through on your link or not so we aim for the biggest impact in our format and sometimes that means a bit of cropping. We look for iconic images that best represent you with lasting visual value.

Your may change out your images but there is a fee to do this, $20 for Standard Listings and $50 for Premium Listings. We look for iconic images that best represent you with lasting visual value rather than your most recent masterpiece.

Our goal to to draw visitors to YOUR site.

Consider posting your own up to date news on our facebook page where your HOT OFF THE EASEL news is always welcome.

Most of our artists give us FULL ACCESS to select the best images for the site. We make a point to select from your more recent work and choose images which we feel will deliver the biggest impact in our format. With FULL ACCESS, we can also feature your work on our blog when we’re looking for a certain look for a certain topic.

A tiny 7% wish us to use ONLY SENT images which they send us and we completely understand the artist’s wish to control their own content. With ONLY SENT though, we might not feature you in any blog content.

Keith Perelli

JPEG format please

We’ll do all the final sizing.
Simply send images by email a couple at a time or singly.

We will crop or resize your work to have the strongest impact in our format of max 320 wide x 240 high. We’ll pick our own OR if you selected ONLY SENT, please send 2 – 3 images to select from, sized at least 400 pixels wide.

Please send up to 8 images of at least 760 pixels wide. Please include titles, medium and dimensions in inches or cm.

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Please consider making a donation to cover this image change.
Standard Listing, suggested donation $10.
Premium Listing, suggested donation $30.
Thanks very much for supporting the web site.

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