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Figurative portrait painting, sculpture, mixed media, portraiture from classic to bold contemporary, dramatic character portraits.

Portaiture by Burton Silverman, Zhaoming Wu, Bo Bakker, dramatic character portraits by Margaret Bowland, Teresa Oaxaca, Dean Gazeley, Mary Jane Ansell, Yanqun Xue, Gwen Seemel, Andrew Salgado, watercolour portraits by Jean Pederson.

Classic portrait painting by Bart Lindstrom, Johanna Spinks, Pamela duLong Williams, Jonathan Linton, Brenda Hash, Ann Manry Kenyon, Judith Carducci, David Goatley.

Portrait sculpture by Philippe Faraut, Nacera Kainou, Alessandra Spigai, Joe Fafard, Cristina Cordova, Daniel Gamelas…