Aron Wiesenfeld, leaving innocence behind

Aron Wiesenfeld, leaving innocence behind

February 5, 2020 | figurative painting | No Comments
Ages Of Innocence

Aron Wiesenfeld & Christopher Noulton

Exhibition dates:
February 7-29 2020


Aron Wiesenfeld is an American painter renowned for enigmatic work. His figures in solitary landscapes capture a sense of departure and of leaving innocence behind. Decidedly contemporary, the scenes are redolent of disaffected youth, alienated from society and adrift in magical environments, be it floating on boats amidst glittering leaves or swarmed by a flamboyance of butterflies in a field.

At the same time they also give subtle nods to the history of painting: his elongated figures echo the Mannerism of El Greco; sunset waters, the Impressionism of Monet.

The influence of American painting also flows strongly through his work: a girl on a rock recalls Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Christina’ turned around to face us, and the sparse solitude of Edward Hopper finds a new voice, albeit tempered with a sense of the fantastical. Wiesenfeld’s work brings these diverse influences together in paintings that explore the experience of uncertainty, and the abandonment of the familiar for a journey into the unknown.
Aron Wiesenfeld

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