Alicia Ponzio Portrait Sculpture Class

Hello Paula,
Thanks for having me on your site- I noticed I get web traffic referrals from your site regularly.
I was wondering if it’s possible to create a link on your links page to’d like to announceBay Area Classical Artist Atelier)?

I’ll be offering a Portrait Sculpture Class at Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier starting in January and going for 10 weeks. Here’s the link to the class, in case you are interested:

Regardless, I really appreciate what you are doing with the site. Thank you!
Alicia Ponzio

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  1. I just went to an exhibit @ Haynes gallery here in Nashville where several beautiful sculptures of Alicia Ponzio were on exhibit. Her work is very impressive. I saw a book there of her work & would like to know where I might purchase it.

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