8 new artists coming soon to Figurative Artist Directory

I’m on a big email campaign to gather new artists to our figurative artist directory. Alphabetically, here are a few of the ones coming soon…

Matt Abraxas

Matt Abraxas
Hello Paula,
I’d be happy to be included in your site. Thank you for inviting me. I look forward to exploring it more soon. You have some excellent artists on there from the brief view I’ve taken so far.
Thank you,
Matt (USA)

Cristobal Anwandter

Cristobal Anwandter
Dear Paula:
Congratulations about your project, I think it’s excellent. Let me know for anything else. Thanks to invite me.
Cristobal Anwandter (Chile)

Aldo Balding, art figurative France

Aldo Balding
Hi Paula ,
Thankyou for your e-mail , sounds interesting will take a look…
Love it , Yes , what do you need?
Regards ,
Aldo (France)


Carolynn Bloomer
Totally swellegant.
Sure- I will look tomorrow and pick some pics.
Carolynn (Canada)

Linda Tracey Brandon

Linda Tracey Brandon
Dear Paula, I recently found out about your website – it is wonderful! I have linked your site to my blog. Here is my website – could you please consider me for inclusion, I would be honored to be in such talented company. Thanks again and best wishes on all your art sites, you are very impressive!
Best wishes, Linda (USA)


Hi Paula,
Thank you for contacting us. Yes, we are interested in being listed on your website, it reminds me of the Beinart website and interesting collection of artists.
Best regards,
Chris Chomick (USA)

Rachel Constantine

Rachel Constantine
Saw your site for the first time today, it is fantastic. I would be very interested in participating, see website below.
Thanks and have a great day,
Rachel 🙂 (USA)

Tom Durham

Tom Durham
I just visited your and was very impressed with it and your generousity. I would like to submit m work to be included and would feel honored to be accepted.
Tom Durham (USA)
Jan 8, 2010

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