6th Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition, Chicago


I was recently accepted in the 6th Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition, which runs through August 13 at the Zhou B Art Center, Chicago. This is in conjunction with Zhou B. Art Center Open studio, which is always a great time for everyone.
Rory Coyne

The National Self-Portrait Exhibition has become one of our most viewed and anticipated exhibitions to date. Now in its 6th year, the self-portrait exhibition will be a two-part exhibit. Our guest juror Tami Miller has selected 45 works for the gallery and 100 works for a permanent online exhibition.
Dan Addington, Shiloh Aderhold, Dean Allison, Cousandra Armstrong, Tim Arroyo, Christopher Barry, Adam Bock, Hebru Brantley, Salvador Campos, Yong Choi, Rory Coyne, Mona Dinger, Benjamin Fedosky, Tatijana Jacenkiw, Suqin Jackie Lin, Rachel Jennings, Jason John, Renee Klyczek, Jacob J Kubas, Natalie Larsen, Liz Mares, Cedar Marie, Rene Marquez, Gabriel Mejia, Claire Micklin, Kelly A. Mueller, Susan Mulder, Katherine Perryman, Agnes Agnieszka Pociecha, Janice Pratt, Lisa Marie Riedl, Robin Rios, Kathryn E. Roberts, Marina Ross, Dennis Salaty, Davida Schulman, David Simcik, Ernesto Trujillo, Mariel Versluis, Jess Wade, Gene Wisniewski, Jiankun Xie, Marzena Ziejka, and John Zilewicz.
Aug 11, 2010

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  1. Hey Paula, thanks for dropping by the Cumberland Lifers. We are just a small
    village of 3 thousand, but we manage to have a completely non committal drop-in un-instructed life drawing sessions weekly throughout the winter, and the blog is a place for participants to post stuff. Sounds similar to what you do over there. Enjoying this blog and will drop by here regularly. Have made a post and a link to here from our Life Drawing blog. Cheers, and have a good summer.

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