65 new international figurative artists added

65 new international figurative artists added

I’ve been completely immersed in growing the FigurativeArtist.org site since early January and now they are up online. New additions from Azerbaijan to Taiwan! Check out our new pages, the bottom of page 13, page 14 and page 15. Here’s a taste of some of our newest members…

Michael Reedy

Michael Reedy – anatomical paintings

Linda Friedman Schmidt

Linda Friedman Schmidt – textiles, mixed media

Esther Shimazu256

Esther Shimazu – contemporary figurative ceramic sculpture


Pamela Wilson – contemporary figurative painting


Francisco Sepulveda – expressionistic figurative painting


Ben Heine – contemporary figurative painting with a unique circle approach


Oiseaux Sisters – mixed media


Susan Saladino – mixed media contemporary figurative sculpture

Jonathan Linton256

Jonathan Linton – classical contemporary figurative painting

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