6 more figurative artists coming soon


Riham ElSadany
Dear Paula,
My name is Riham ElSadany, i would like to join you marvelous online collaborative gallery.
Thank you,
Kind regards,
Riham ElSadany (Egypt)


Carole Feuerman (USA)
Hyperrealistic oil painted resin figures, bronze figures and spheres, monumental/installation works

Marie Fox256

Marie Fox
Hi Paula,
Thanks for writing and for directing me to your figurative art website. It’s fabulous and I’d love to be a part of it. You asked if I had abandoned my site. I only post when I have a new painting and I’ve been working on some bigger (ie longer) paintings. So there are sometimes big gaps in my posts. But I do paint every day. I love painting and adore the figure. I appreciate your contacting me and thanks for organizing your wonderful site gathering together such interesting figurative artists.
Thank you,
Marie Fox (USA)

Ted Fusby

Ted Fusby
Hello Paula,
Thanks for the invitation to join your website. I would be honored to be listed and featured there. Feel free to use any of the images from my website (full access), and ask me if you want to use larger format pictures than I show on my site. I would also like to participate in your thematic slide shows, if they are a good fit for what you are doing.
Ted Fusby (USA)


Donna Gourdol
Paula, great. I saw that you had several of my artist friends on your site so I thought -why not. I have been following you on FB and enjoyed. Please feel free to chose the pieces you think best. I can send you High resolution of any you might need. And would enjoy being in a slide show or other. Good luck to you and my fellow artists. May 2011 be a great year for figurative Art and you!
PS- I am an American artist living and working in France. Thank you for your time. Great job you have done!
Donna (France)

Ben Heine

Ben Heine
Hello Paula.
Thanks for your proposition. This site is beautiful. I’d be happy to see my works featured there.
Ben (Belgium)
Jan 10, 2010

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