108 diverse new figurative artists join FigurativeArtist.org

It’s been a busy summer for our site! 108 new members since our last update and of course, they’re a fascinating and very diverse talented bunch. Here’s just a few but to see them all,hop over to FiguartiveArtist.org page 20 and wander through our site. https://www.figurativeartist.org/20_art_representing_the_human.htm

Ann Manry Kenyon256_v2

From the highly polished portraits of Ann Manry Kenyon in Florida, USA to…


the bold black and white character drawings of Bill Harrison from Chicago


to mixed media artist Papagrebou from Brieuil, France, the styles of artists who approach the human form express themselves in such wonderful different ways. That’s the big attraction of our site, our diversity within the same focus on the human form.

Nikoo Tarkhani256_v2

Joining us from Tehran, Iran is Nikoo Tarkhani who brings us dark, moody mysterious paintings.


Ariel Oren creates bold colorful images in his studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Gerard Marchand

Grard Marchand creates lustrous smoldering painted surfaces in Touraine, France.


Coming from Distrito Federal, Mexico is Carolina Tangassi whose juicy life paintings simmer with rich color and light, expressing the human form with bold brushstrokes.

Christopher Hickey, figurative artist, woodcutting, printmaking

Christopher Hickey shows his human side with great drawing and bold printmaking and works in Georgia, USA.

Michel Bell, figurative painter, sports

Michel Bell from Quebec City, Canada captures the excitement and tension in sports which nicely rounds out the “something for everybody” and offers sports fans something exciting to see in the art world.

Luke Haynes

Luke Haynes from Brooklyn, NY, USA creates figurative art through his masterful art quilts which are well worth a look.

Christy Keeney256

Working in his ceramic studio in Ireland, Christy Keeney works with handbuilt clay to bring us lovely simple lines and great expressions.

Pavel Amromin

Using ceramics in a completely different way, Pavel Amromin from Chicago creates some great expressive vignettes which sometimes tackle some difficult and violent subject matter.

Jacqueline Hurlbert256

Jacquline Hurlbert, a ceramic artist from Portland, OR, USA combines sculptural ceramics and painting, creating lively characters.


Doll artist Lisa Renner assembles her quirky little characters from all kinds of things, quite inspiring and from such humble beginnings, her small humans grow.

Karim Hamid

Karim Hamid from USA adds some spice in the bedroom with his big smooshy intimate scenes with nude figures.


Peter Kennelly from Ireland paints dramatic scenes with many characters and lots of personal tension almost like watching a play.

Victoria P Wonnacot

Victoria P Wonnacott from Canada deals with many subjects including some tough scenes as shown here in “First You Must Be Blinded”. She works in paint and mixed media.

Synthia Saint James

My final pick for this little sampling of what’s on offer on pages 20 through 23 is Synthia Saint James from Los Angeles. She works in a very flat narrative manner and her paintings tell many stories.

Come and visit us, come and join us and please print out a poster from our site and put it up around your corner of the world. I can hardly wait to see who we get for our next update later this Fall. Have a grand day!!
Cheers- Paula O’Brien

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