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One common passion – the art of the human form unites this talented group of contemporary international figurative artists. From serene and sublime portraits to quirky and surprising life studies, each artist offers their own unique style of capturing the human body for your discovery.

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All artists appear with their permission on this juried & curated site. Each artist presents artwork of high quality in their own distinct personal voice. We feature emerging artists, mid-career and artists at the upper end of very distinguished careers, many highly regarded in their chosen fields of specialty.

While some do not wish to be defined only as figurative artists, the love for the human form is what unites them on this site.

We have now more than 1100 artists, would you like to join us? Please submit your artwork.




Leslie Singer, beyond traditional portraiture

BIOGRAPHY Leslie Singer attended a special arts high school and continued...

Raime Lee, artist, illustrator, designer

Raime Lee is an artist, illustrator, and designer. Her fine art...

Joseph A. Miller, figures in the landscape
June 21, 2020| figurative painting

Joseph A. Miller is an Associate Professor of Art at S.U.N.Y....

Alan Douglas Ray conveys mystery & wonder
June 14, 2020| figurative painting

When I’m alone, facing my easel, I imagine I’m an illusionist....

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas