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One common passion - the art of the human form unites this talented group of contemporary international figurative artists. From serene and sublime portraits to quirky and surprising life studies, each artist offers their own unique style of capturing the human body for your discovery.
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All artists appear with their permission on this curated site. Each artist presents artwork of high quality in their own distinct personal voice. We feature emerging artists, mid-career and artists at the upper end of very distinguished careers, many highly regarded in their chosen fields of specialty.

While some do not wish to be defined only as figurative artists, the love for the human form is what unites them on this site.

We now number more than 950 fine artists, would you like to join us? Please submit your artwork.


Peter Broitman, paintings with historical and political references

Peter began painting full time in 2012 after thirty-one years working as an attorney for the United States Department of Labor prosecuting employers for labor law violations. On the way to getting his law degree, Peter studied figurative sculpture and art history at Hartford Art School, and studied figurative sculpture, drawing and art history at …

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Lisa Kovvuri, fine portrait paintings

“I like to think of the frame around one of my paintings as a portal to a parallel universe. Through that portal, on the other side of the wall, intangible things like feelings, moods, and experiences take visible form. They materialize into space, shape, atmosphere and color. People occupy that universe, that inner psychological world …

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Louise Solecki Weir, portrait sculpture

That her art should be emotionally engaging and physically beautiful is key to Louise’s approach to sculpture. She endeavours to evoke a sense of presence and life in her work. She is drawn to the three-dimensionality of sculpture after making a serious study of dance, art therapy and of vocal performance. Louise first trained in …

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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas