PayPal troubleshooting

Functioning Subscribe button

Listing Options

(Sorry the Paypal graphics are a bit ugly, we can’t help that…)

Functioning Donation button

Thank you so much for your support. Please let us know if you experience any issues and we’ll try to find solutions.

Your receipt will say Paypal

Even if you use your credit card to pay, your receipt will show PayPal as PayPal processes the credit card payments for us.

Problems with Payment?

Here are some possible solutions.

(This side shows IMAGES, not functioning buttons.)

1. Select level and hit subscribe button

2. Fill in your PayPal info and log into PayPal to pay with PayPal account.

3. To pay with your Credit Card instead of PayPal account, select the CREDIT CARD feature illustrated below which you should see once you click the SUBSCRIBE button.


4. Fill in the form, starting with selecting your country.


5.. If you see this error message (below), it means you’ve used an email in your form that is already associated with a PayPal account.

Switch to the top paying button which says I already have a PayPal account.


If have selected a country and only see Canadian provinces, please refresh your browser and then your own states or provinces should appear. You will probably find this under View/ Reload Page or similar.

6. Log into PayPal with your password. You’ll see the transaction you’ve already selected at top left.


7. Your credit card already associated with your PayPal account will already be shown with your own information.complete-payment

8. Because we’re a new vendor, we  have a Non-US Seller Status.

Please let us know if these suggestions helped or didn’t help as we’d like to help you have a smooth and easy experience so we can start featuring your artwork soon. Good luck!